This website is no longer active

The company which operated the website; Millrace I.T. Limited ("the Company") has been placed into Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation.

Steve Butt and Mike Rollings, of Rollings Butt LLP, were appointed Joint Liquidators of Millrace I.T. Limited on 14 September 2017.

The Company is no longer trading as Millrace I.T. Limited, or under any other trading names or entities including:,,, Millrace Buys It or Zoom Fish.

The Company will not be able to take any new orders or complete any outstanding ones. In the event of any incomplete orders for goods, you may have rights that enable you to claim against a third party such as your card provider or on-line payment provider and, if so, you should contact them directly.

All other enquiries in respect of the Company should be forwarded to the Joint Liquidators at or written correspondence can be sent to:

Millrace I.T. Limited – in Liquidation
Rollings Butt LLP
6 Snow Hill